“Majek Fashek is not dead” – Manager confirms

He made this known via the reggae music icon’ Instagram page on Sunday, September 15, 2019. According to him, the reports on social media about Majek Fashek’s death are mere rumours. He also said the singer is responding to treatment and would require more donations and prayers from well-meaning fans and individuals.

Majek Fashek’s manager, Umenka Uzoma Day says the singer is not dead.

“9:30 PM from London in Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Today is Sunday, this is to inform all the well-wishers, fans and lovers of Majek Fashek back in Nigeria that Majek is not dead, he is very fine. I just stepped out now because of this ongoing music that people are saying that he is dead. Let’s not wish him dead, let’s join hands and pray for him.

“For those of you that are praying, prayers are working, every day there is a gradual improvement. We need funds, we need money for maintenance. The notable Nigerians that deposited for his medication…but we still need money for other things. We also heard that people are raising money which is without our consent…” he said.

Umenka Uzoma’s statement is coming after news of the reggae icon’s reported death started making headlines. It would be recalled that a few days ago, the manager announced that Majek Fashek was gravely ill and hospitalised.

“Majek Fashek is very sick” – Manager says

According to blogger, Linda Ikeji, the singer’s manager, Umenka Uzoma Day revealed that he was seriously ill and is presently at a medical facility in London.

“Majek Fashek is very sick as we are currently at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolich in England. Sorry, this message is coming late, but let us all support him with prayers as we also really Need support financially for upkeep. More updates with videos and pics will be uploaded soonest,” he said.

Majek Fashek was one of the biggest music exports from this part of the world in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. However, things took a different turn as he went on a self-exile which according to reports were because of failing health and personal issues.

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