#BBNAIJA: Team Legends mourn their loss to Team Enigma in another Wager Task

A hurt Venita couldn’t keep the tears from flowing as she found comfort in Seyi’s arms. At first, it seems like it was her team’s loss that got to her, but as it turns out, it was more than that.

Her complaining to Seyi about Frodd and Omashola made it a lot more obvious that she wasn’t pleased to be in the team she was.

It was like watching all the cool kids play and you couldn’t join them and watching them win, made it worse.

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Venita also found Mercy gloating as they were announced winners a bit too painful to bear. Assuring her, Seyi responded that she wasn’t the target of their chants, but Tacha.

“Tacha is the main person Mercy and Diane were gunning for,” he explained. “I would have loved to shout too after what happened today, but because of you, I kept my cool,” he said while trying to calm her.

The reality of the punishment team Legends is about to bear dawned on Omashola and he ended up lamenting to Mercy and Ike.

What makes his predicament a whole lot worse is that not only does his team have to bear the punishment from losing last week Wager Task, they now have to bear additional punishment for losing this week’s Wager Task.

Certainly, tough times await Omashola and team Legends. Maybe it was a good decision he made, burying his sorrows in a bottle.

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Take a look at how it all went down:

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